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Daya Chetty vs. Laudium Sun - 29 Feb 2012
Chetty and the Laudium Sun newspaper. Complaint Mr Daya Chetty, the principal of the Laudium Secondary School, complains about a story in Laudium Sun headlined Daya in hot water again…over wrong Purattaasi dates (October 9, 2009) and about a column headlined Sun Mampara of the Month (October 30, 2009). According to the complaint: Both the article and the column express the
André Williams vs. Sports Illustrated - 29 Feb 2012
Williams and the Sports Illustrated magazine. Complaint Mr André Williams complains about an article in Sports Illustrated (March 2010), headlined No distance left to run. The complaint concerns a joke about St Peter and Jesus, saying: the article goes too far by telling a joke about Jesus; and the word that is used (f*@k) is a swearword that amounts to blasphemy.Willia
Cape of Good Hope SPCA vs. Daily Voice - 29 Feb 2012
Scarth, for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, and the Daily Voice newspaper.  Complaint Ms Sarah Scarth complains about several articles in Daily Voice (July 15, 2009). The headline on the front page reads: I eat pussy to survive – These hungry Flats mense will kill, cook and chow your pets. The whole of pages 4 and 5 is devoted to this issue. The headlines read: Pawtjiekos; Ho
Louise Malherbe, I. van Aswegen en Rita Prinsloo vs. Rapport - 29 Feb 2012
Louise Malherbe, mnr. I van Aswegen, me. Rita Prinsloo en die koerant Rapport. Klag Drie lede van die publiek kla oor ‘n spotprent wat op 31 Januarie 2010 in Rapport verskyn het. Die kern van die klag is dat die spotprent met gebed en dus ook met geloof, godsdiens en God spot. Malherbe se klag is effens meer uitgebreid. Sy stel dit só: Rapport maak of God &lsquo
Sweet Connection vs. Die Son - 29 Feb 2012
Ahmed, for Sweet Connection, and Die Son newspaper. Complaint Mr Farouk Ahmed, a lawyer representing the shop Sweet Connection, complains about an article on March 5, 2010 in Die Son, headlined Sweets-winkel se tameletjie. The complaint is that the article reflects only one side of the story as an invitation to get the other side’s version of events was declined by the newspap
Mkhuseli Khusta Jack vs. EP Herald - 29 Feb 2012
Boqwana, for Mr M.K. Jack, and the EP Herald newspaper. Complaint Mr Mkhuseli Jack complains about an article in the EP Herald, published on November 11, 2009, and headlined Big guns built shoddy homes. The main complaint is that the article is defamatory towards Jack, as it is said to implicate him as an unprofessional and corrupt person who was responsible for building shoddy hous
Nico Nel vs. Sandton Chronicle - 29 Feb 2012
Nel and the Sandton Chronicle newspaper, as well as the testimony of a central figure in the story and another witness. Complaint Mr Nico Nel complains about an article in Sandton Chronicle published on March 26, 2010 and headlined Dumping fiasco. Unlike what is stated in the article, Nel says he: did not facilitate the dumping deal or given the necessary permission; never ref
Lyn de Jong vs. Sunday Times - 29 Feb 2012
Ruling by the Deputy Press Ombudsman June 21, 2010 This ruling is based on the written submissions of Ms Lyn de Jong and Sunday Times. Complaint Ms Lyn de Jong, head of corporate services at the SA embassy in Harare, complains about an article in Sunday Times, published on May 22 2010 and headlined Tensions run high at SA Embassy in Harare – Deputy ambassador suspended af
Melomed Hospital vs. Daily Sun - 29 Feb 2012
Alli, for Melomed Hospital, and the Daily Sun newspaper.  Complaint Melomed Hospital complains about an article in Daily Sun, dated May 27, 2009, headlined Let me in or I’ll die! and sub-headlined Bleeding man’s cry at private hospital gates! Allie says the newspaper failed, neglected or refused to report the hospital’s version of the events.  Analys
Tabisa Ralo vs. Daily Dispatch - 29 Feb 2012
Ralo and the Daily Dispatch newspaper. Complaint Ms Tabisa Ralo complains about a story in Daily Dispatch, published on June 7 2010 and headlined Wife of E Cape Cope leader suspended – Probe into allegations of travel fraud. The complaint is that the newspaper did not publish her reply to questions concerning her alleged hiring of a private investigator (PI) to cover up for he
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