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Specialist Income Bpk. vs. Rapport (Sake 24) - 29 Feb 2012
Vince Crous, uitvoerende hoof van Specialist Income Bpk. (hierna verwys as “SIL”), en Adri van Zyl, vir Sake 24 (Rapport), asook op ‘n verhoor wat op 22 Februarie in Johannesburg plaasgevind het. Die twee lede van die paneel wat my bygestaan het, is Franz Krüger (pers-verteenwoordiger) en Peter Coetzee (openbare verteenwoordiger). SIL se afvaardiging is gelei deur Andries El
PRESS COUNCIL APPEAL HEARING: Ziyad Motala vs Sunday Times - 29 Feb 2012
A majority of the Press Appeal Panel of the Press Council of South Africa (the Panel) has dismissed an appeal by Prof Ziyad Motala against a ruling by the Press Ombudsman regarding a column by Mr Fred Khumalo which was published in The Sunday Times newspaper on October 24th, 2010.The chairman of the Panel, retired Judge Ralph Zulman, disagreed with the view of his two fellow panellists, Peter Mann
The Gauteng Department of Education vs. The Star and Rapport - 29 Feb 2012
Ruling by the Deputy Press OmbudsmanMarch 11, 2011 This ruling is based on the written submissions of Mr Charles Phahlane, head of communications of the Gauteng Department of Education, and The Star and Rapport newspapers. Complaint Mr Charles Phahlane complains about a story in The Star, published on September 6, 2010, and headlined Twins in school racism row, as well as about a st
Mrs Smith vs The New Age - Dismissed - 29 Feb 2012
Dear Mr Smith Your complaint about the story headlined ‘Racist farm evictions’ are target for Cosatu (published December 24, 2010) in The New Age newspaper refers. You complain that: the story falsely portrays the eviction of non-workers from farms as a racist practice; the sole purpose of the story is to promote racial hatred, crime, ethnic cleansing and genocide of wh
Dr Motshekga vs Cape Times - Dismissed - 29 Feb 2012
Dear Dr Motshekga Your complaint about the column headlined Black rulers’ whitewash of coloureds (published on March 1, 2011) in the Cape Times newspaper refers. You complain that the writer (Max Du Preez) made “racially disparaging claims on the coloured community” by claiming that, unlike other South Africans, coloured people have no roots and belonging. You say
Prof Motala vs Sunday Times - Dismissed - 29 Feb 2012
Dear Prof MotalaYour complaint against Sunday Times (“When our leader sneezes, the media much catch a wake-up”, by Fred Khumalo) refers. Your main complaint is that the column is racist and stereotyping of Indians. The following considerations should be taken into account:  Type of literatureThe whole piece is satirical – Khumalo is making fun of some stupid thi
Ms Kruger vs Zululand Observer - Dismissed - 29 Feb 2012
Dear Ms Kruger I have studied the pictures that you complain about (in the Zululand Observer), with the stories that go with them. While I appreciate your concern, I am dismissing your complaint. This is why: Dear Prof Motala Your complaint against Sunday Times (“When our leader sneezes, the media much catch a wake-up”, by Fred Khumalo) refers. Your main compla
Breet vs Beeld - Dismissed - 29 Feb 2012
Geagte me Breet U klag teen Annemarie van der Walt se rubriek Hoop vir die Kaap is hier nie! in Beeld het betrekking. U sê dat die rubriek: in slegte smaak aangebied is; bedoel om Kapenaars as dom uit te beeld (u bestempel dit as ‘n blatante aanval op die intellek en integriteit van mense wat in die Kaap woon of van die Kaap af kom); diskrimineer (soortgelyk aan disk
Cathy vs Natal Witness - Dismissed - 29 Feb 2012
Dear Cathy Your complaint against “Taxitainment” jokes in the Natal Witness refers. You complain that the jokes: are vulgar; are sexist; denigrate women; use symbols to denote swearing; refer to women’s private parts; foster violence towards women; and portray women as subhuman receptacles for male enjoyment. Art. 1.7 of the Press Code is appli
Thami Mdwaba vs The Citizen - Dismissed - 29 Feb 2012
 Dear Mr Mdwaba Your complaint against the picture published on page 4 of the Citizen (February 15, 2011) refers. While I can understand – and appreciate – your concern, I have decided to dismiss your complaint. This is why: For me, the focus of the picture is not on the child’s gender – for that, the child would have featured much larger; The purp
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