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Test - 24 Jun 2021
Finding Complaint 8901 - 18 Jun 2021
Finding Complaint 8901
Finding Complaint 8901 final FANIE - 18 Jun 2021
Finding Complaint 8901 final FANIE
Appeal Decision: Panda Knowledge Factory NPC vs Daily Maverick - 11 Jun 2021
The Ruling was on a complaint filed by the applicant against Daily Maverick (“respondent”) against an article by the respondent published on 28 February 2021 with the headline “Kung-Flu Panda: Dodgy analytics or pandemic propaganda?” There was a number of complaints, set out over pages and pages. These complaints, and the detailed responses by the respondent, are a matter o
Appeal Hearing Decision: Goss Marlon vs News24 - 11 Jun 2021
The complaint was about the review by Akhona Mjawara of a book. The article was published on 5 February 2021 with the head-line “Jesus Thesis and Other Critical Fabulations” written by Kopano Maroga. The review sought to highlight and decry the way the LBGTQ people were being treated. Jesus was centred in the review, almost as a fulcrum or point of reference. In the process, the articl
Appeal Hearing Decision: Lumko Mtimde vs Daily Dispatch - 07 Jun 2021
Before the Appeal Panel of the Press Council of South Africa In the matter between:                                                                                        &n
SAAPA vs Sunday Times - 01 Jun 2021
June 1 2021 Finding: Complaint 8834 Date of publication:  February 14 2021 Headlines: (1) How South Africans defied the booze ban         (2) Alcohol industry counts lockdown losses         (3) Sensible drinking is a joint effort Page: 7 Authors: Amanda Khoza, “Staff Reporter&r
Appeal Decision: Nampree vs Sunday World - 27 May 2021
As the headline indicates, the story reported that the applicant had made claims that she was raped by the above mentioned two DJ’s. She said she had been given some drinks, after which she passed out, and upon coming to, found that she had been penetrated. The two DJ’s were around her, and laughing. There were subsequently a lot of developments; but I will cut to the chase. After the
Appeal Decision: Rapport vs Pretorius Elizabeth - 24 May 2021
The headline read “Rugby is saaier as TV sonder Tieties.” In his Ruling dated 13 April 2021, the Press Ombud says that the respondent “complains that the use of the word “tieties (tits) … in the headline was disrespectful, insulting and archaic.” He went on to state that the complaint was based on clause 5.1 of the Code. In its defence, the applicant cont
Pandemics Data and Analytics vs Daily Maverick - 12 May 2021
Finding Complaint 8842 Date of article: 28/2/21 (print and online) Headline:  “Kung-flu Panda: Dodgy analytics or pandemic propaganda?” Authors: Nafeez Ahmed and Rebecca Davis Note on this Finding With regards to points 2.5, 2.54 and 3.40: the Finding makes reference to a podcast with respect to the views of journalist Ms Rebecca Davis on lockdowns and the c
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